Seniors for Seniors

 A senior 60 years old or older may adopt an animal age 6 or older and have the adoption fee waived. This program aides us in successful adoptions for our senior animals and helps provide companionship to the older members of our community.

Pets for Vets

This program was started in 2012. Any military veteran, with a written referral from their health care provider, can adopt any animal and have the adoption fee waived. This program is designed to help our veterans who would benefit from a having a furry companion to keep them company.

Pet Adoption Without Surrender (PAWS)

HAHS will aid pet owners looking to re-home their pet.  When looking to find a new home for the pet, HAHS will not charge a fee. This program gives us the opportunity to help you re-home your pet that you are not able to keep.  It also allows you to have control over who is able to adopt your pet. This gives you the chance to use our resources to help you advertise your pet and ensure the best possible match for a new home. We are unable to advertise for pet owners looking to sell their pets for monetary gain.

Trap/Neuter (spay) Return (TNR)

The Trap/Neuter (spay) Return program is designed to help control the feral (wild) cat population. We work closely with Camp Companion to offer a lower cost opportunity to spay and neuter cats that live in the “wild”. This helps insure that the feral cat  population does not continue to grow. The TNR program returns the cats to the area that they were trapped, thus preventing a new feral cat population from moving into the area.